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We are a Chicago-based Managed Services Provider (MSP). As an MSP, we manage the entire suite of technology needs for our clients, no matter how large or small, which increases your efficiency, productivity, and bottom line.

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Our Story

What sets SINGER NETWORKS apart from the competition?

Our Story

Singer Networks was born in 2002 shortly after its founder and CEO, Lisa Singer, helped a company at the Chicago Board of Trade navigate the rapid transition into electronic trading. 

What the financial sector was going through at the time provided a bit of foreshadowing for how technology was fundamentally changing the way businesses conducted themselves. Companies were adapting quickly, often with their IT staff rapidly learning on the fly. It was all a bit overwhelming for people who did not understand IT. 

“This is not an IT school,” Lisa recalls her supervisor, who was not an IT professional, saying at the time. 

Those words have stuck with Lisa for two decades, and in a sense, have helped shape the philosophy of the company she built from scratch, from its inception through today. 

“Many companies simply did not understand the landscape, and were wasting money as a result,” says Lisa. “No matter the industry, technology is constantly evolving across every area a business touches. We break that down for clients so that they understand their options and what best meets their needs.”

In that sense, Singer Networks very much is an IT school, she says. 

“This field is all about learning, and provides a chance to grow together with your staff, and ultimately with your clients, to help them,” says Lisa. “My job every day is to teach. To teach my staff, teach my vendors, and teach my clients.”

That teaching may be as simple as explaining why a client should invest in new computers rather than spend “good money after bad” to repair old ones. Or it may be helping clients understand why it pays for them to invest in redundant network infrastructure. 

The synthesis between technology and learning comes very naturally to Lisa, who, in addition to being a Loyola University Chicago graduate (B.A.) and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), has also served as an MCSE instructor with a 100% student certification track record. And as a woman business owner in an industry where women comprise only a small minority, Lisa is committed to making sure her staff is ready for the challenges they face in the field through constant, ongoing training. That’s a core value of the company. Another is ensuring a healthy work-life balance for its staff. 

“This is a demanding field where clients need everything quickly,” says Lisa. “We want our staff to manage that pressure and feel good about the work they’re doing and the impact they’re making. To do that, they need to be rested and fresh when they’re in the field.” 

“Our company is really like a family,” says Lisa. “Our clients know our staff by name. Most of our employees have been with us for many years. We know each other’s kids’ names and their school interests. There’s a lot on the line here, and that’s why we want to constantly stay in a growth mindset—for ourselves, for our staff, and for our clients.”

Indeed, the “School of IT” remains well in session.

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